Creating a Healthy and Safe Place to Work

Keeping our workforce healthy and safe is the right thing to do for our employees, our contractors, their families and our communities. A safe workplace is critical to our ability to deliver results and is also the starting point for the atmosphere of trust, optimism, teamwork and innovation we encourage at Devon.

We promote a healthy workplace culture by offering employees a variety of wellness programs and amenities to address their physical, mental and financial well-being. We’re proud of the positive impact these programs have had on our workplace health culture and our employees and their families.

Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Manager, EHS

Laura leads a multi-disciplinary team whose job is to ensure that Devon’s top priority – the safety of our employees, contractors and the public – is never compromised. “No task is so urgent that we can’t take the steps necessary to perform the work safely. No matter the logo on a person’s hard hat or their role in our operations, we genuinely respect everyone’s reason for working safely. I’m proud to be on a team committed to building and maintaining a safe and healthy culture for everyone in our industry.”

Resources for health and safety performance

We provide comprehensive training orientation to prepare our employees and contractors to work safely. Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Steering Committee assists Devon senior leaders in monitoring safety issues and performance and in addressing stakeholder concerns. In addition, to set our environmental, health and safety (EHS) strategy, ensure implementation of that strategy, and continuously review safety performance, we formed the EHS Council in 2018.

We expect employees and contractors to comply with safety rules and regulations and actively participate in efforts to improve safety. Our workforce is accountable for stopping at-risk work, immediately reporting incidents and near-miss events, and informing visitors of emergency alarms and evacuation plans.

Pipeline Safety

Pipelines are essential for Devon to deliver oil and natural gas to the marketplace. We test and maintain our pipelines using cleaning devices, diagnostic tools and corrosion-control procedures to ensure they’re in excellent condition. For more information on Devon’s pipeline maintenance program, please email us at

Devon wants people to be aware of our pipelines and where they are located. We ask for help in preventing accidental damage to pipelines and encourage immediate reporting of any suspicious persons or activities near a pipeline by dialing 911 to notify local law enforcement authorities.

Devon Energy Corporation subsidiaries that operate pipelines include:

Devon Energy Production Company, L.P.
Devon Gas Services, L.P.
Southwestern Gas Pipeline, L.L.C.